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Get Mesmerize with the View of PanchPulla Waterfall

PanchPulla Waterfall

With the literal meaning of five bridges, PanchPulla is a blend of five streams that combine to form a waterfall. Soring eyes can get a smoothness here as spot if interwoven with dense green surroundings having pine and deodar trees with meadows lined up
A monument has been installed up in the parkland dedicated to Sardar Ajit Singh, revolutionary of old times. Best to visit in monsoons, trekkers, photographers, and hikers love to be here and spend some time in the calmness of nature. Distance: 3.5 km from Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie Timings: Open all day.

Atithi resort Dalhousie,Panchpula Waterfalls, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Atithi resort near locations Panchpula Waterfalls, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Glistening Chamera Lake Himachal Pradesh, Atithi resort Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Glistening Chamera Lake Himachal Pradesh
Ride a Boat in Glistening Chamera Lake

Glistening Chamera Lake

Experience the classic lake beauty by boating in it and boasting the efforts of creating it on Chamera dam, artificially. A treat to the soul, the lake is surrounded by high hills which shines with greenery. Sit or camp at the edges, or just take a boat to do some fishing and chilling with friends or lover, this is surely going to calm all the nerves within a few seconds. One can also be at peace with sunrise while the gutless waters and those hills engulf you its own natural beauty. Distance: 30 km from Dalhousie Timings: 7.00 AM to 5.00 PM, every day.

Spend a Picnic Day at Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar

Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar

Khajjiar lake is one of the most spectacular lakes in Himachal Pradesh and one of the best places to visit in Chamba. Surrounded by the snow-clad mountains and cedar forest, the lake is located at a height of 1920 m from the mean sea level. Best time to visit Khajjiar lake is from February to April when the weather is extremely pleasant and the tourist can enjoy various recreational activities while enjoying the beauty of landscape at the same time. Moreover, if you want to spend some time in solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of city lives, Khajjiar lake is the place to go for. Various small water streams from the Himalayas are the major source of Khajjiar Lake. On a bright sunny day, if you are lucky, you can even witness the Mount Kailash at distance from Khajjiar Lake. One of the main attractions of Khajjiar Lake is 'Floating Island,' which is a chunk of weed and grass developing on the surface of lake.

Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh, Atithi Resort, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Mini Switzerland of India, Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh
Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary Tour, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary Tour, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Hike Up to the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

The Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

With a grand plethora of wild trees, flora, fauna, grasslands, and views of snowcapped mountains, Kalatop wildlife sanctuary comes alive near to Dalhousie. Interestingly, it is marked with nature trails that offer trekking and walk options while exploring plenty of species including HimalayanMonal, Eurasian jay, pines & firs, and magical landscape, enough for a thrill and adventure. Moreover, one feels fresh with water streams that empty itself in Ravi river, stuck in the north of the sanctuary. Distance: 8 km from Dalhousie Timings: 7.00 AM to 6.00 PM, every day Entry fee: None! Except Rs 250 for the reserve area.

Say Hi to Awe-Inspiring Satdhara Falls

Satdhara Falls

As the name calls out, Satdharaactually means seven springs that combine together while falling in the plunge pool below. Perfect for all the people who wish to be in a tranquil surrounding, these crystal clear waters emerge from a lush green environment. Experience the freshness of wet mud, droplets, and the smell of vegetations that is going to make you feel lovely. Surely, visiting here is one the amazing things to do in Dalhousie, where perfection is just a plus and one can close the eyes while hearing the sweet noise of falls. Do not forget to carry an extra pair of clothes, you will surely be driven towards dipping yourself in the cool waters. Distance: On the way to Panchpula, one can easily locate Satdhara falls.

Atithi resort Dalhousie, Satdhara Waterfalls, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh
Satdhara falls On the way to Panchpula,
Ganji Pahari, Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh Treking
Ganji Pahari, Himachal Pradesh, Atithi Resort Dalhousie
Trek to the Ganji Pahari

The Ganji Pahari

Ganji Pahari, called by the name has the literal meaning of Bald Hill and is called so due to lack of vegetation at the hill-top. The hill is close to trekkers’ hearts as it offers a lovely view from the top and shows easy to moderate level of hiking from Panchapula as its base. Interestingly, this trek is favourable in all seasons and winters invite a good amount of snow, driving people towards it.Take it as a pro tip, carry own food and water bottles as you won’t be able to find any cafe! Distance: Panchapula is 6 km from Dalhousie from where one needs to hike up to reach Ganji Pahari.

Trek to Incredible Dainkund Peak

Dainkund Peak

One of the highest points of Dalhousie brings one close to Dainkund peak, whose trails are swayed away by the lovely breeze creating music and mesmerizing snow capped mount views. Not only easy but trekking to the top is an adventure, beginner love to explore. As the peak is in hands, one view rivers, meadows, and waterfalls, incredible to see it. One can find Air Force base and local temple at the top, acting as the major attractions. Hold on the excitement when you experience one of the adventurous things to do in Dalhousie. Distance: 13 km to the base camp from Dalhousie.

The view of the beautiful Khajjiar Lake from the top of Dainkund, Himachal Pradesh, Atithi Resort
Dainkund peak, khajjiar

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